Sunday May 01st 2011, 10:48 am
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Australian animator Darcy Prendergast’s 2009 music video for the All India Radio track Lucky was a true feast for the eyes.  The video used glow stick with long-exposure techniques to create the effect of moving neon.  The first time I saw Lucky I was amazed with the fluid motion and brilliant colors and obviously I wasn’t the only one because the You Tube/Guggenheim judges short listed it in their 2010 video competition.

After six months of work, Darcy has created Rippled for All India Radio’s new album.  For his new video Darcy takes the techniques he invented for his first music video and expands and refines them.  He captured the images in-camera and brought them to life with precise frame by frame attention to detail.

Darcy and his long time best friend Ash Nicholls have launched a new studio OYW (Oh Yeah Wow) which should prove to be a powerhouse in Australian animation, gaming, and design.  OYW not only combines the immense talents of Prendergast and Nicholls but also brings together twenty of Melbourne’s most creative minds under one roof.

You can view all of Darcy’s animations and various movie projects at    www.youtube.com/darcyprendergast

Check out OYW’s new website at:   www.ohyeahwow.com/

For more details on OYW or better yet to give them some work contact:

darcy@ohyeahwow.com     or    ash@ohyeahwow.com

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