OUT OF THE BOX July 30 and 31st Zimbabwe’s First Animation Festival
Wednesday July 07th 2010, 4:38 pm
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ASIFA Egypt is happy to announce Zimbabwe’s first animation festival.  The Zimbabwe Festival of African Inspired Animation (ZIMFAIA) organized by the Joint Afrikan Animation Group (JAAG) with the support from the Alliance Francaise, and the partnership of ASIFA Egypt, will take place July 30th and 31st at the Alliance Francaise in Harare, Zimbabwe.

Festival Director Soloman Maramba invites both students and professionals from around the world to submit their work.  The theme of the festival is Out Of The Box with a focus on regional African content.   Work in an array of areas fields such as advertisements and architectural visualizations as well as animation will be presented as well as digital content, motion graphics, digital videos and special effects.

The festival acronym ZIMFAIA has been altered to “zimfire” a play on “Blazing the Trail” to reinforce ZIMFAIA’S role of putting African animation center stage and blazing the trail for all of the continents animators and would be animators to follow and fully explore their craft. In addition to celebrating an abundance of creativity, screenings and a digital art exhibition there will be a focus on production to help demystify the finer points of the animation process.

The festival theme Out Of The Box refers to the emergence of the Zimbabwe animation industry.  Animators and visual effects artists will be coming out of THEIR boxes and the countries animation industry will be coming out of THE box to show the world their high quality of work and the production abilities available in the country.

The focus of the festival is on regional African art and entries are asked to follow this theme.  ZIMFAIA does not have a competition section or a specific production period for submitted work.  The deadline for entries is July 15, 2010.

ZIMAFAIA does not have a competition component or a stipulated production period for submitted material. The deadline for entries is 15 July 2010. The entry form and submission guidelines are available from the ZIMAFAIA website: www.zimfaia.jaagonline.org/outofthebox

For more information, contact: Festival Director, Solomon Maramba; +263 912 381 997; info@jaagonline.org


zimfaia poster
zimfaia poster

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