Happy Holidays from Nik and Nancy
Thursday December 21st 2006, 10:21 am
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Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, and light another Chanukah candle for us.
We wish you the best of everything in 2007.

With Love from Belgium,

Nik and Nancy

Dancing on a Mountaintop on the Douro River
Dancing on a Mountaintop on the Douro River

Our trip to Espinho, Portugal
Thursday December 07th 2006, 4:21 pm
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Dear Friends:

This article is about our trip to the CINANIMA Animation Festival in
Espinho, Portugal in November. Tomorrow I leave for my last week of
teaching in Lucerne, Switzerland and a short visit with my son in Munich.
In a few weeks I will write a long update about our (very happy) life here
Gent and the adventures and mysteries of our first holiday season here.

Warmest Regards,

Classes, Espinho 090
Classes, Espinho 090


Composer Nik Phelps; filmmakers - music for your film!
Tuesday December 05th 2006, 11:15 am
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Nik and Nancy Phelps have finally completed their relocation to Gent,
Belgium, and the new music studio is set up and ready to go. We now have
the cherished Belgian work permit, and will be taking on new projects
starting after the new year.

Nik has just finished music for Nina Paley’s upcoming feature, Sita Sings
the Blues, is currently working on animation projects for animators Lance
Taylor in Canada, and Jordie Doubt in Switzerland, and will be providing
music for the politically topical website of John Grimes and Robin Chin in
the United States ( www.fizzdom.com ) We are currently putting together our
spring 2007 production schedule, so contact us now for music for your
animation, documentary, or film project. You may not think that original
music is affordable, but you will be surprised. Ask us about our reasonable
rates and check out our web site at www.niksprocket.org

email or give us a call at +32 (0)9 329 4582; mobiles: Nancy +32 (0)47 344
0934, Nik +32 (0)47 344 4292