Bay Area Bon Voyage for Nik & Nancy
Wednesday April 05th 2006, 5:14 pm
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Hey Everyone - Our Dear friend Ms P Segal is having a Bon Voyage
get-together for us on Saturday:

Dear friends,

As you probably know, Nik and Nancy Phelps have
finally given up their house in the Avenues, and are
moving to Ghent, Belgium, in a few days. They’re
tremendously excited, and have a remarkable and
well-earned future ahead in Europe.

For those of you who haven’t had a chance to see them
recently, we’re having a very informal drop-by
farewell at my house this Saturday, April 8, from
about 6 until midnight or so. My academic life has
made it impossible for me to do anything like a bash
right now, and this is a totally bring-you-own food
and drink kind of thing for a last visit before they
are off to Europe. Please pass the word along to
people who should know, because my email list is
hardly complete.

My address is 1607A McAllister St., at the corner of
Divisadero, over the Transfer Market.