Saturday August 27th 2005, 12:55 pm
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Each year when Nik and I arrive in Annecy, France for the 45th Annecy International Festival of Animation, I cast longing looks at the beautiful blue waters of Lake Annecy with the back drop of majestic alps and I know that for the next 6 days I will only get fleeting glimpses of the scenic
wonders that have made Annecy world famous as a vacation destination. The sacrifice is well worth it, however, to have the opportunity to see 230 films representing 36 countries. With all of the festival’s problems (and there are many!), it is still a rare opportunity to view animation that will never be seen in the United States.

Although I thought that the overall quality of the films was not as strong as in some past years, there were certainly some exceptions. John Canemaker’s autobiographical film The Moon And The Son: An Imagined Conversation utilizes drawing on paper to let us become totally immersed in the turbulent terrain of a father/son dynamic as seen through John’s relationship with his father. Although very different in style, this film had the same emotional impact on me that Dennis Tupicoff’s works have.

Academy Award winner Koji Yamamura screened his new film The Old Crocodile, based on an old African legend with English dialogue. Der Park (The Park) from Nicolas Mahler of Austria was another a favorite of mine. Mahler combines humor with an ecological theme and we discover that a park is not always a happy place to be for the beings that live there.


Annecy’s Junior Jury Gives Young Animators a Voice
Saturday August 27th 2005, 12:55 pm
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Each year the Annecy International Animated Film Festival, held at Annecy, France in June, plays host to two Junior Juries. Ranging in age from 10 to 15 years old, four young people traveled from Vold, Norway to France with Gunnar Strom from the Vold University College/Vold Animation Workshop to spend the week watching films with the adult audience.

The 2005 Norwegian group was comprised of Tale Burgess Øyehaug and Ragnhild Dybdal Øie, who judged short films, and Asne Burgess Øyehaug and Ashild Dybdal Øie, who viewed graduation films, two pairs of sisters who have worked with the Vold Animation Workshop as part of their studies at the Amas Primary School. For the past 15 years, the Vold Animation Workshop has arranged workshops around Volda on an irregular basis, and all four girls have attended the one week work shop that Strom conducts annually. Following in the footsteps of the first Junior Jury from Russia and France in 2000, they were joined by an equal number of French students from the AAA (l’Atelier de Cinema d’Annecy et de la Haute-Savoie). Representing the AAA were Thibault Allombert and Louise Garcia in the short film category and Vincent Blanc-Tailleur and Quentin Deronzier in the graduation film category. Channel J and AAA sponsor the attendance of the Junior Jury at Annecy. Ingeborg Dybdal Øie, older sister of Ragnhild and Ashild, traveled from London where she studies to act as translator. The older jurors were able to use English as their working languages, but the younger members did not feel that they could fully express themselves in a foreign language according to Ingeborg and so she acted as the interpreter. She was amazed that it took the younger jury over two hours of intense debating to reach their decision, while the older jury reached their decision relatively quickly. The final Junior Jury decisions must be unanimous, so after many votes and vetoes, a unanimous decision was finally reached. In the end the young jurors realized that compromises had to be made so that everyone would agree on one film and after they finally reached a decision all four students felt that they had learned a great deal about listening to one another and putting their own strong opinions aside to come to a consensus.


For those interested in animation… 2 Nancy articles
Saturday August 27th 2005, 12:55 pm
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Hi Everyone:

Nik and I will leave 15 September for two weeks in the Ukraine for the
KROKInternational Festival of Animation. We will also spend a week
performing in the Boarders Area of Scotland and be guests of the
Co-Operative Young Film Makers Festival in the Lake Country of England
where we have been invited to present a program of music driven animation
and play some intense rounds of Mini Golf before we head back to San

The following two articles which I wrote will appear in the September issue
of the ASIFA newsletter and if you are not part of our animation community I
won’t be upset if you skip them.

To our European friends — I hope we cross paths in our travels and to SF
pals — see you in October.


Nancy and Nik